Seven Best

2019—What’s to Come!!

I mean, who really knows what to expect in the coming year. Maybe we’ll all get a raise, or maybe the world will be inundated with cheese. Either way, I’m making a promise to myself to be better about documenting it all.


I sat down to make the graphic of upcoming properties in 2019, and MAN that’s a lot. Of course, 1/3 of them are Disney IP, but that shouldn’t shock anyone who knows me. It’s a delicate balance between movies like Dumbo—a re-imagining of one of my childhood favorites—and the new Jordan Peele thriller, US…both of which are guaranteed to make me cry. Albeit for entirely different reasons.

I don’t really do movie “reviews” per se, but I’ll definitely be watching all of these and most likely making posts about them along the way.

Old Favorites

Do you ever sit down to watch a movie, and end up paralyzed over the sheer amount of choices? I definitely do, so I’ve created challenges for myself and themes to keep me organized.

Seven Best

I like rankings and I like lists, so it wasn’t a stretch for me to start ranking my own personal favorites. But everyone does top ten lists, so the idea behind Seven Best is to rank…less traditional themes. The seven best car chases in movies, the seven best Arnold Schwarzenegger lines, etc. Each month I’ll select a theme, and list 7-12 candidates. Then, over the course of the month, I’ll watch/listen/review all of the candidates and list the seven best at the end of the month. Feel free to check in at the beginning of the month to see the candidates and play along, and follow my updates on Twitter.

52 Week Disney Challenge

Every week I’ll be watching a different Disney movie, over the course of the year. Each month will be themed—modern princesses, heroes and monsters, golden age movies, etc.—and I’ll be posting art and observations about them all. Yes, I’m an adult.


What are YOU planning on watching this year?