Disney Challenge

Disney Challenge: Toy Story

With the release of Toy Story 4 later this month, there’s no better time to take a trip back to Andy’s room! Make sure you’ve got your angry eyes packed and watch out for Sid, because this month we’re headed to INFINITY AND…you know the rest.

Remember the first time the toys came to life? How realistic the underside of a semi truck looked? How cool it was to see a cartoon where the entirety of the film had been rendered by computer? Of course, it took awhile before Pixar could render human faces that weren’t terrifying…

Quick! Andy’s coming!!

Week 1: Toy Story

I have an affinity for the original, mainly because I remember what a big deal it was at the time to have an animated movie made entirely by computer. Looking back however, it’s pretty obvious how far we’ve come since then. The jokes are still the best they’ve ever been, and the story, like all the ones to come, still make me cry.

“Look! I’m Woody! Howdy howdy howdy.”

Week 2: Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 was Pixar’s first sequel, and while Disney had yet to acquire them, animated sequels weren’t exactly lighting up the box office. In fact, most of them were direct to DVD duds. But like everything Pixar touches, they broke the mold. Toy Story 2 did a fantastic job of breaking the story up into two parts; Woody off on his own, discovering his roots, and Buzz left to lead the remaining group members.

It’s fascinating to me how each one of these could have been the end of the Toy Story franchise, and yet each follow up manages to prove that another story had yet to be told.

Week 3: Toy Story 3

What’s more evil than a talking stuffed bear who runs his day care like a prison? Kids.
Toy Story 3 taught us what happens to toys who get left behind. Wait, aren’t all Toy Story movies about what happens when toys get left behind? The first was about Woody being replaced by Buzz, the second was about preserving toys and not playing with them, and this one is about Andy going to college and leaving all his toys behind. I’m sensing a theme.

Week 4: Toy Story 4

The newest entry into the Toy Story franchise tells the story of, YOU GUESSED IT, what happens when a kid no longer plays with a toy.

I’m being snarky. While, yes, they all have incredibly similar themes, these are still really good movies. The fourth one being no different. And in this one, the Keanu-sance continues with the introduction of Duke Caboom!