Marvel March Madness

It’s March, and in college basketball, that means it’s time for the NCAA Tournament. But we don’t cover sports at redlabel, so in honor of Avengers: Endgame, we’re doing an MCU tournament! Breaking down the best heroes, villains, supporting characters, and Marvel TV characters…it’s Marvel March Madness!!

Welcome to Marvel March Madness!!

For the month of March, we’ll be creating brackets based on four different categories of Marvel characters—heroes, villains, supporting characters, and Marvel TV characters. Each week you’ll be presented with head-to-head competitions between each of them, and it’s your choice that determines who moves on. You can choose a character because you think they’ll win in a fight, because you appreciate their character development, or just because they have a more interesting costume—there are no rules!

Each round will be online for a week, and updated on the bracket before the next round is posted. Be sure to check back daily to see if your favorites are moving on!!

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We’ve have a winner!!

Ladies and gentlemen, after a stirring five weeks of competition, we have determined the winner of the Marvel March Madness Bracket…


That’s right, the Son of Odin has taken home the trophy as the best Marvel character across both the MCU and Netflix!! Were these numbers skewed because a certain Carol Danvers had yet to be introduced? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.*

Special thanks to everyone who voted. I know this site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, so it was nice to see real numbers tallying the votes, as opposed to just my own opinions!!

*Who are we kidding, we all know I”ll do it again in the future.

¹ Additional information from from MCU Wiki.