Seven Best

Seven Best: Coen Brothers Films

Well folks, this one is a doozy. In honor of the Oscars a few nights ago, and the amazing work of Roger Deakins, this month I’m going to cover the seven best Coen Brothers films. I’ve been looking forward to this one for months, because they’ve done some of my all-time favorites, so let’s take a look.

This month’s entries are:

  • Blood Simple
  • Raising Arizona
  • Miller’s Crossing
  • Barton Fink
  • The Hudsucker Proxy
  • Fargo
  • Big Lebowski
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • The Man Who Wasn’t There
  • Intolerable Cruelty
  • The Ladykillers
  • No Country for Old Men
  • Burn After Reading
  • A Serious Man
  • True Grit
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Hail, Caesar!
  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Where did your favorite fall in the list? Be sure to check back in at the end of the month for the final rankings!!

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