Spooky Sixteen

Spooky Sixteen: Day Five

“You try saying no to these salty parabolas.”

But Chris, remakes like this ruin my childhood!! Women can’t be Ghostbusters!!

Look. Firstly, this isn’t a remake. It isn’t a sequel. It isn’t a re-imagining. It’s just a movie that takes place in the same world as the original. Secondly, if your masculinity is so weak that you can’t handle women as Ghostbusters then I feel really sorry for you. Also, we live in a world where marginalized groups are shifting more and more into the mainstream so GET USED TO IT.

Ghostbusters is hilarious. It respects the original with cameos and callbacks, but it also lays down a solid path for any future movies. Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon could carry the movie themselves.

Oh and it passes the Bechdel Test. Suck it.