The Amazing Spider-Man


After Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider, he gains newfound, spider-like powers and ventures out to save the city from the machinations of a mysterious reptilian foe.

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"Your father lived by a philosophy, a principle, really. He believed that if you could do good things for other people, you had a moral obligation to do those things! That's what's at stake here. Not choice. Responsibility."


Peter Parker

The Lizard

Villain's plot:

Genetic cross breeding of animals—namely spiders and lizards—so that Dr. Connors can grow back his own arm.


Superhero Moment

Upon first discovering his powers, he accidentally assaults a woman, and then beats up the men trying to defend her.


I like Andrew Garfield, and I’m sure it wasn’t his choice to make Peter “moody grump” instead of just a nerdy teen, but it was definitely a choice.

Bonus point for a great Aunt May, and Uncle Ben.


So much worse. Why does it seem to… not fit?

Theme Song

It’s a weird choice to play Coldplay while he’s learning to be Spider-Man and also skateboard.


Is it possible that this is worse, now that we’ve seen how good Spider-Man can be with the releases of Homecoming and Far From Home? Yes. It is possible.

“He’s never gonna make it!!”
“Quick, everyone on Sixth Avenue, line up your cranes so he can swing there faster!”

…is a thing that just happened.

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